Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hanging out

We’ve finally found something that keeps Jake from asking to play on the iPad.  We had a late Christmas present arrive from Amazon last week…remember the board game Risk?  Me neither, but Andy did and told me he thought Jake would like it.  That’s the understatement of the year.  It’s perfect.  It’s all about world domination with hundreds of armies.  We bought a newer version that also allows you take over water territories and territories on the moon.  They have cards that allow you to drop bombs on your opponents, go into stealth mode, and gain more territories.  While I can’t say it’s my favorite game, I can say it’s really fun to watch Jake play.  It’s totally a strategic game and is more complicated than any child’s game I’ve ever seen, but he grasped the idea right away and hasn’t stopped playing sense.  The other cool thing about it, as that it has so many pieces and parts that he’s perfectly content with making up his own games as well…which means I don’t have to play it every day.  His Yapese friend, Trevor came over last weekend and listening to Jake try to tell Trevor how to play was hilarious.  He actually did a pretty good job for a 7 year old but in the end, they just made up their own game.  After all, it did take Andy and I two hours to figure it out and we had the directions right in front of us.

This is Jake's "I hate school" face.  I get it about once a week.
Today, I was lucky enough to get a note.  His spelling had him
writing a note to his teacher telling her what he liked most about
school.  His said, "deer mommy, I do not like school.  luv, Jake"
I'll cherish it forever. :)

So, there you have it…that’s what we’ve been doing for the past week and why I have no exciting pictures of us doing cool touristy things.  Andy’s foot pain actually got worse and was so swollen he couldn’t get his flip-flops on.  It looked like a giant sausage.  So he started his own round of antibiotics.  For obvious reasons he didn’t leave the boat and Jake and I just got lazy.  Between the board games and school, we just haven’t really done anything.  But we’re all healed up now and are re-motivated to get back out into the world and participate.  Hopefully our next update will be a bit more exciting.

Andy did go diving yesterday, so I’ll leave you with his latest…

Anenome shrimp





Nancy, Ethan & Zada said...

Priceless...Jakes school message to you, his teacher. Thanks for sharing and good luck on that front, as it's the hardest part of my day (when we school) as the battle (on most days) doesn't seem worth it or doable...which is sad because they could thrive and it's not hard, it's just the "mom" wearing one too many hats from playmate to cook, to friend to beach comber to teacher to inforcer. That's a lot...even for girls with big shoulders....

Behan Gifford said...

If he gets really into Risk- put "Axis and Allies" on your board-games-to-get list. It's a similar strategy game, but basically lets you replay WWII on a giant map of the Pacific theater. Fun + history in one tidy package. Niall loves it and plays endlessly with his buddy on another boat whenever they get together! (oh hey and gorgeous photos. I LOVE nudibranchs)

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