Sunday, November 11, 2012

Off to the Morlocks

We finally got checked out on Friday (not before being charged overtime for a holiday, which technically was on Thursday), and made our way to Ant Atoll to rest up and scrub the bottom before moving on.

We're heading out tomorrow and making way toward the Mortlock Islands (also known as Nomoi Islands). We don't know much about these islands other than what we've read from Googling it. We can't seem to find another boat that's gone this way and wrote about it. We chose the route for two reasons...The first being, just as I said, it's off the beaten path. Secondly, it's a great jibe to our next destination, Pulawat. We've heard from other cruisers that Pulawat is a great place to stop, very welcoming and friendly and still somewhat untouched by western ways.

As we've spent our last two days here on Ant, I decided to keep a good eye on the veggies. That local pumpkin I fully expected to last until the end? Well, it already rotted out and I had to throw it overboard. I don't know if it's because I had it too close to the cabbages or what, but it's not a good start. We're finishing up the last of our lettuce (the green bags obviously didn't work) and I had to roast all of our peppers and keep them in oil to keep from losing them as well. At this rate, we'll be breaking into those cans of corn next week. I'm not too worried, just irritated at the situation. As I've said before, since things come in on the ship from the US, by the time they get here they can already be 2 weeks+ surprises that they go bad quickly.

On a good note, we're having fun! We've snorkeled, walked around the island, played on the beach and yes, caught more coconut crabs.

I started off with a little head cold (or sinus issue) and am now left with only the headache. Hopefully that will die off before we leave tomorrow so I'm only left with seasickness! We should arrive in 2 - 2 1/2 days and who knows what we'll find. The Mortlocks are actually quite populated (3000 or so people across 3 atolls), they just don't get very many visitors. Hopefully we'll be welcome.

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