Friday, October 26, 2012

The ship has arrived!

After living on mangrove crabs and cucumbers for a few weeks (not a bad existence when you get right down to it), we finally have veggies again!  The ship came in and we have veggies, cheeses, good bread and semi-fresh meat!  We stocked up as is everyone else on the island.  You never know the schedule of these things and it could be another month before we see it again.

I'm not extremely organized in my thoughts lately so this is another hodgepodge post.  We've been spending a lot of time with other kids and due to one of the parents being ever so generous in his babysitting offers, Andy and I actually got to dive together the other day!

It looks like we'll be here a few more weeks.  We want to wait until after halloween as Jake has his costume all ready and since there are other kids, he's overly excited about trick or treating.  Then we'll wait for the wind to die completely and sail, motor on out of here.  Yes, we know we're leaving a tad early for the winds, but we're about Pohnpei'd out.  We're looking forward to visiting some of the outer atolls and making our way to Yap.


Nancy, Ethan & Zada said...

Fabulous all the way around...words, plans, pictures! Love seeing this from you 3 and we expect Halloween pic's of Jake soon...xoxo Crew on Boat Yard Eyoni (Guaymas, Senora - MX)

Brad said...

More incredible photos!

Tony said...

wow, that last picture is amazing!

Anonymous said...

So if you have the time we would sure like to know where your headed off to next?
Always following Ulalena.

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