Sunday, June 10, 2012


We’ve had a nice time settling in here in California.  The highlight so far has definitely been Legoland.  Jake declared it his “best time of my life!” 

I enjoyed it too!  Who couldn’t enjoy a place where your kid is on the biggest high he’s ever been on (and it wasn't crowded).  He went from ride to ride and activity to activity.  I don’t think there was anything he didn’t enjoy (down to his PB&J for lunch).  He rode his first (and second) roller coaster…. We were going down the first hill and he said “I don’t think I should have done this!!!!!”  You know how you can see the pictures of you at the end of the rides?  He looked absolutely TERRIFIED.  If it wasn’t so funny, it might have been sad.  But the second roller coaster (DRAGON) was more his speed.  We ended up riding it twice.

There were amazing lego sculptures (is that what you call them?  buildings? thingys?) like The White House, Star Wars scenes, whole cities (New York City!) with 100's of thousands of legos.  Jake got his “driver’s license” on the Volvo car ride…  His favorite game was shooting a bunch of nerf balls up in the air in this obnoxious overcrowded play pen thing.  He also enjoyed going through Pharoah’s tomb shooting things with a laser gun (do you see a theme here?).  He didn’t get to shoot the water guns from the big boat though because it was too cold.  I know, I know…you guys in CA are saying “what?”  But seriously, it was only 80 degrees and the wind was blowing…we just couldn’t handle adding water to those kind of conditions…can you say frost bite?

The Capital building was absolutely amazing.

I was a little surprised when both of my parents (aka Gigi and Papa) decided to ride the roller coasters with us.  Both survived and I actually think my dad was disappointed when Jake didn’t want to ride the dinosaur ride that twirled you around upside down.  All in all, I think they had a great time too.  They did everything with us and hung out all day (literally from opening to closing).  We left the house at 7:30 am and got home about 9:00 pm.  On the two hour ride home, Jake was talking a mile a minute…never even thought about falling asleep.  As soon as his head hit the pillow though….

It’s been nice to be busy and keep our minds off Andy being gone.  He left yesterday from his training in Indiana to Afghanistan (with a few hundred stops along the way).  If you’re the praying kind, we could use a few extras these days to make sure he comes home safe and sound (not trying to be melodramatic here but just to be on the safe side).  If not, wish on a star or something for us, would ya?

I’ll close with some pictures from yesterday…you’ll see a lot more of Jake in the upcoming months as this will be the primary way Andy keeps up with us too.


Silliness at the guillotine.

I was so proud of him when he said he wanted to do this.
He didn't get up very high but he sure did try hard!

VERY serious when he's driving.

Everyone loves standing in the bubble (at SEA LIFE).

More pictures from the days leading up to Legoland...

School was not the most fun thing to do this week...

The playground near Gigi and Papa's apartment.

Chocolate cake at the farmer's market.  I know, where's the veggies?

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Diane, Evan and Maia said...

I feel for you on the freezing cold thing... We just pulled out our winter clothes--I honestly thought we wouldn't be using them until at least Norway or something...
Keeping Andy in our thoughts...

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