Monday, March 19, 2012

Aur, Marshall Islands

We're now firmly settled into Aur having one of our best experiences yet on the island of Tobal. But before I get into that, I have to retract my statement about the Moeleolap doctor with a "lack of common sense." I have learned the rest of the story and it seems the doctor was swept out to sea when he was trying to save (and succeeded) three young boys playing on the reef. It really is seems he died a hero.

On a brighter note, the people here are extremely friendly, and it will come as no surprise that the kids are the friendliest. We first met "James Bond" (a local guy we hear on the morning net) and his family. They gave us some drinking coconuts and welcomed us with a beautiful handicraft made by his wife. Next, we set off to find the school. We had some books to drop off as well as an ulterior motive to meet the local English Teacher...a volunteer for World Teach, from Virginia! Her name is Kendra. We've had the pleasure of getting to know her a little bit and through her have come to understand the local culture a bit more. On Saturday, she holds a "girl's club" and after their meeting they swam out to the boat. We invited them aboard...all 12 or so of them! Pretty soon, the boys were jealous and 4 of them swam out as well. Jake came out of his shell and had a blast. The girls were quite taken with him! I can't wait to post the pictures. Kendra is teaching them all manners (please, thank you, excuse me) so it gave them a chance to not only play a bit on the boat, but practice their English with someone besides their teacher.

Today is Sunday, traditionally quiet on the island, so we took a little swim, relaxed a bit and now Jake is playing outside with three little boys that decided to swim out again while Andy and I watch a little TV. Tomorrow, Jake will sit in on the first grade English class for an hour or so and then we'll say our goodbyes and head to the main island here, Aur. It's going to be sad to leave here as we've grown quite attached in a short period of time. A very nice way to remember the Marshall Islands.

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Catherine Murphy Hardin said...

My clan originates from Aur, and I identify myself as being from Aur AtolI, but have never stepped foot on it. I was born and raised on Majuro and now live in Hawaii. Thank you for sharing your positive experience. This inspires me to make it a goal to make it there in my life time.

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