Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back on the hook

We finally had to say goodbye and leave Kwajalein. We didn't go far. We're back up in Bigee enjoying ourselves as we get back into the swing of things (literally, the swinging of the hook). We've snorkeled, gone scuba diving, expored the beach and just hung out under the boat. I was having trouble thinking of something interesting to write (since I know you guys probably get tired of hearing about the blue water and cute fish) when we got a call on the radio this morning. Our friends on s/v Before were trying to get a hold of us to relay a message. Remember our computers in Tarawa? They have finally been returned to another sailboat that's down there right now, heading our way. Seriously, they not only found our stuff, but it is actually on it's way to the Marshall Islands. The even better news is that they found everyone else's stuff as well. We were the only ones who put in a police report so sorting through the stuff may be a bit difficult, but we know they found our friend's snorkeling equipment, along with Andy's favorite mask that we assumed was long gone. So all is right in our world today.

I'm tempted to go on a little about how we already replaced the computers so in reality we don't need them, but that's not true. We never have figured out how to reload our charts, so those are still needed. All of our pictures from Tahiti to Tarawa that I thought were lost (along with the photo albums I made for them), will be recovered. I will get back a little bit of writing I had been working on, and as Jake pointed out, all of our high scores on our video games will be saved (very important). AND...I will get back the numerous email addresses and phone numbers that I had moved to the computer in order to get rid of my paper address book.

It will still be a few weeks before we can coordinate getting everything back, but it has given me a renewed trust that most people in the world are good and have good intentions.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Monica and Andy
I have been reading your posts and like Andy I am about to retire, I am considering a Easton Cat, could you answer a couple of questions for me.
Where are your engines located on Savannah, are they in the centre of the hulls, and if so do you get much smell and noise from them?
What is your average cruising speed under sail so far?
Thank you


The Homesteader's Wife said...

Great news on getting your stuff back! So happy for you guys! It's nice to see good news once in awhile. Becky, Todd & Jeremy

Wendy Harris said...

I don't get tired reading about the blue water and cute fish. Keep it coming. It beats the wet, chilly weather with no leaves on trees here in Chesapeake, VA.
I also like reading about the islands. I think it's really interesting reading about your experience in Tarawa and the recovery of your items.
Keep it coming!

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