Thursday, November 3, 2011

10/31/2011 - Happy Halloween!

He's the Hammerhead Pirate on
Pirates of the Carribbean 2!

Our first few days here in Majuro have been spent trying to get money (the two ATMs here on the island have been down), groceries (hard to do without money), and internet.  Internet here is even more expensive than in French Polynesia and we can’t get it from the boat.  So when we need it, we pack up our laptop and keyboard and trek up to the internet café and try to hurry through everything in the 50 minutes that our $5 bought us.  Yesterday we decided to bite the bullet and buy a cell phone with wifi.  Since we’re going to be here a while, we figured it was pretty cost effective.  The wifi package on the cell phone is only $15, but we still have to be in a hotspot to use it.  So it doesn’t eliminate the need to pack everything up and go to the café, but it does cut our costs down considerably.  So to family and friends waiting to hear from us in more detail, we’re working on it…

Now, for the best news…two little boys pulled in with their family yesterday on s/v Love Song!  Wyatt and Morgan are 5 and 7 years old.  We were getting in our dinghy to go trick or treating and by the time we got to their boat, both boys had their costumes on and were ready to go with us.  We went around to the few boats in the harbor that had people on it and they picked up their loot.  I had given candy to some of the boats earlier in the day in preparation for us coming around, but for those that weren’t home, I have to say they were very creative.  The boys came away with some fruit, vanilla pudding and even some packs of cool aid.  Afterwards they played on Love Song while Andy and I visited with Renova and when we picked Jake up, we made a date for tomorrow.  Jake said it was his best Halloween ever.

I haven’t had a chance to post about his costume.  He thought it up all by himself this year.  He wanted to be the hammerhead pirate on Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3.  Who is that you ask?  Well, you have to look close or you’ll miss him, but he’s there.  So we did the best we could, but he was happy with it.  We’ll let you be the judge…

I’ll do my best on the blog posts but until we get into some sort of rhythm here with this internet thing, they might be sporadic.  Hang in there with us.  This is a neat place.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. I like Mr. Jakes costume, which must mean he is branching out alittle from star wars, cool, cool. Always following, Mr. Scott, Teri & Bosun.

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