Friday, October 14, 2011

Cruising right along - Tuvalu to Tarawa

We left Tuvalu Wednesday morning after checking out with Immigration and Customs. This is the first place we've been to where there was no fee, so that was a nice surprise. It's Friday morning now (Thursday for most of you reading this) and we've had a nice couple of days sailing. The winds have been pretty light, but the spinnaker has been doing her job and we're making decent headway. Our lures are getting mauled but we haven't caught any fish yet. The bright side is that we haven't lost any more lures either. We had a few small squalls last night but for the most part they were welcome. They brought 15 knot winds that helped move us on a little quicker.

Jake is doing good but getting a little bit of cabin fever. School keeps us occupied in the mornings and he's been drawing, building legos, watching movies and playing video games the rest of the time (ah, the modern day cruiser and his toys). We spent this morning planning how we were going to celebrate our second equator crossing. He's planning another elaborate cake decorating project for his artistic deficient mother (remember the angler fish/submarine masterpiece of 2010?)

The most exciting thing that has happened happened just as I was starting to write this. I heard a loud bang and went outside and the davit holding our dinghy broke (the one on the engine side), so our dinghy was hanging on one side with the engine dangerously close to the water. The only thing keeping it from being all the way in was a rope that Andy had tied to the rail to keep it from swinging. I woke Andy up and he was able to get another pulley hooked up so that it could be pulled back in place.

Not much more to report. We have another 500 miles or so to go, maybe another 4-5 days. We took lots of pictures in Tuvalu (and I even took one of our dinghy breaking) so hopefully we'll have internet in Tarawa and I can post them to give you a reprieve from my commentary.

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