Friday, September 2, 2011

Man time in American Samoa

After a nice relaxing two week break, I’m back on the boat with my two favorite men.  I came home to find a clean boat, clean laundry and happy smiling faces…so it looks like they did fine without me. 
They went snorkeling and even went on a hike.  Andy said they hiked up to a site where there are some guns left over from WWII.  They went with a few ladies from other boats and had quite a time.  On their way back, they stopped at a local restaurant to have a drink and relax.

It wasn’t all fun and games though…there was a little excitement the second week I was gone.  The winds picked up to a consistent 25-30 knots.  I believe one time it even got up to 38 knots.  Boats were dragging everywhere and evidently, it was nothing but chaos.  We stayed still (don’t know if that was due to fabulous anchoring techniques or because our boat is probably stuck in a tank somewhere on the bottom…probably the latter) but it sounded like we were the only one.  At one point, Andy was going to bed and looked out the window to see a boat coming right by us about 10 feet away.  He got on the radio and woke the guys up and they got their engine turned on just before hitting another boat.  Andy said the chaos went on all week as the winds never died down.  To be fair to the boats who drug, this bottom is awful and even on a good day it can take 4 or 5 tries to get your anchor to hold, so I don’t think all of them had to do with poor anchoring abilities.  Throughout the week many people never left their boats for fear of dragging again.  When I got home, the winds had died a bit but were still around 20 knots.  It looks like missed the brunt of it as yesterday it all calmed down and now we’re only dealing with intermittent rain showers. 

So now it’s back to the old routine.  The boys have to give up their cigars and lounging around in their underwear and get some order back in their life…Mama’s home!

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