Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is that what I think it is?

Tuna boats rafted up three boats deep here in Pago, Pago
I think we ate our first pig knuckle today.  I was on my way back from the laundry mat carrying my very heavy bag of laundry when I was bombarded with requests to buy bar-b-que.  It sounded like a good idea to me, so I called Andy on the radio and told him to meet me with some money.

"This is real Samoan food,"  the man told me.  "Next week, we'll have rice too."

We bought two plates and took them back to the boat.  On the way to the dinghy, we noticed everyone had a plate so we decided it must be good.

Well, I can say we tried it (and incidentally, Andy loved it), but it probably won't be a Saturday ritual.  There was a chicken leg and another random piece of meat covered in Ketchup.  Then there was some grilled breadfruit.  Had this been warm, it probably would've been pretty tasty.  There was some chinese noodle thing with carrots and cabbage, and then there was a loaf like thing.  After tasting everything, we determined the random piece of meat was a pig knuckle and the loaf like thing was "mechanically separated turkey," just like it says on the can at the store (Andy did point out that it looked a lot - and tasted a lot - like the vegetarian turkey loaf my parents eat).  Now, I'm waiting and hoping there are no side effects, if you know what I mean.

I'm hoping to get my homebodies off the boat today and go to the museum or the library.  After spending all morning at the laundry mat (I think Andy was afraid I was going to leave it for him to do while I'm gone), I'm ready to do something fun.  Tomorrow is Sunday and the place shuts down so we need to get out today.

I haven't had the opportunity to take too many pictures so hopefully while I'm gone, Andy will be clicking away.  I would love to say that he will keep the blog up while I'm gone, but I'm afraid that probably isn't the case.  So the next few posts will be a little more generic than usual as I'm writing them now and scheduling them out, but hopefully interesting all the same.


Tami Reynolds said...

Sorry I really have nothing to say about "pig Knuckles" except "ewww". So where are you going when you go home? I'm in the states for 2 more weeks:-)

Brad said...

Isn't pig knuckle just Spam before it gets into the can? There is a reason it was covered in ketchup. Pass. That veggie stuff is call Tofurkey! Even I think that stuff is weird. LOL

The Crew of Savannah said...

Tami, I'll be in Redlands, CA for two weeks. Where in Atl are you?
Brad, believe it or not, I actually like the Tofurkey! But not so much on the mechanically separated Turkey. It was a texture thing, I'm sure. No more pig knuckles for me.

Brad said...

Yeah, Tofurkey isn't the worst thing. I'll take some nice Wahoo any day if given the choice! Was at a BBQ over the weekend where they roasted a whole piggy. I think the whole place noticed when I didn't take any. Oh well, I live by the sea for a reason. Enjoy your slice of American pie while you can. I'll honk the horn of my rental car on my way through Riverside in a couple weeks to see my mom. Probably be less than 50 miles from Redlands over Labor day.

Bucket List said...

Monica, please give me a call when visiting your folks. Or skype if you have the signal. I just want to review things and see if any adjustments are necessary. Jim O'Brien

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