Friday, February 26, 2010

Project Updates

We're making good progress.  I say "we" but I think we all know I mean Andy.  One side of the galley is now completely done.  He needed a break before starting on the other side, so he ripped out everything in our cabin and put wood up like he did in Jake's room.  It looks really nice.  He also put the flooring down.  We decided against the bamboo in the hulls for a number of reasons.  One, it's pretty heavy.  Two, It's much softer than we thought.  We're getting dings right and left every time Jake drops a toy.  It's starting to look like the hail damage on my...oh nevermind, TMI.  Three, there are several hatches down there that have to be accessible (bildge, water tank, etc.).  To put down wood floors, then cut the perfect hole out would be a pain in the arse, even for Handy Andy.  So I conceded and we went with carpet.  I was totally against carpet anywhere on the boat because it holds odors and is a bit higher maintenance.  Plus you never feel like it's actually clean.  But we're a month out from leaving and we started prioritizing and budgeting (add in the fact that I don't actually install anything, it's all up to Andy). Carpet sounds pretty good now.  It looks super nice, even if it's going to smell bad in a year or so.  And it was fairly cheap so if it gets all gunked up, we'll just pull it up and put down another piece.
Now he's in the process of finishing up the storage locker.  This is a little room located off the galley in the aft part of the boat (how's my lingo?).  It houses every spare line, chain and anchor you could possibly want.  It also has our scuba gear, trash cans, rain coats, life jackets, and anything else we can't find a place for.  Andy has taken everything out and started organizing.  He's also replaced the carpet which gives it a much more pleasant odor (the old carpet reeked).  Overall, things are smelling pretty nice!

Things are coming together and it's starting to feel more like a boat rather than a construction project.  Mom and Dad are coming down this weekend, we'll see what they think.

"Working" hard...

We have a crab trap that should be renamed the stingray trap.


Brad said...

The new galley looks great! Nice work there.

The Crew of Savannah said...

Andy says thanks :) We still have your noodles on board...Andy apologizes for having to add meat! I wish you could see the whole boat...totally different now.

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